We mainly sell manual coffee machines, but we also have carefully selected automatic coffee machines available.

Manual machines produce superior espresso, but need some basic skills to get the best from them. Our automatic machines are much simpler to use and at the click of a button produce good coffee.  

Our MANUAL coffee machines for sale have been carefully selected to give you the best home barista style coffee. We have selected only the very best machines that are great value and produce stunning espresso.

Our coffee machines, paired with the right coffee grinder, will produce coffee superior to many coffee shops. We can advise you on the best and most suitable coffee machine and coffee grinder to meet your needs whether wanting a coffee machine at home or a coffee machine at the office.  

Purchasing a coffee machine can be incredibly confusing and this is why we have completed the leg work for you. We have scoured the market, tested and reviewed the competition. We feel we have hand selected the very best seven levels of machine. Each one is a significant upgrade on the other and meets the need of every barista, from the starter to the professional.

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Which coffee machine is right for me?

The Gaggia Classic is ideal for home and for users only making a few coffees a day. There is no need to spend thousands on a coffee machine, the Gaggia Classic coffee machine can match those costing thousands. How is this possible? The Gaggia Classic Coffee machine has a single boiler, but has commercial quality parts. 

If you want a coffee machine to make 6 or more coffees back to back, the Classic will cope, but it will take some time. That is where our Crem series comes into play. The Crem series allows you to make espresso and steam at the same time, speeding up the process. 

"Buying the right coffee machine simplified, getting the best from it de-mystified."

The review of our best in class Crem One LFPP will satisfy every coffee aficionado.

Also view our YouTube channel which focuses on pressure profiling (Gaggia Classic & Crem), plus insights into what the PID and dimmer can add to the Classic. Plus general maintenance tips.

The Home Baristas YouTube Channel

Gaggia Classic Pro. This is ideal for home and is capable of producing exceptional espresso when paired with a quality grinder and reduced to 9 bar pressure.  The price may be low but with freshly ground coffee from a  quality grinder it will beat the local coffee shops for coffee taste. Don't believe us? Visit and we will prove it.

Gaggia Classic pro with PID.  The PID controls temperature much more intelligently and improves consistency of extraction.

Gaggia Classic Pro with PID, Dimmer and Pressure Gauge. A Gaggia Classic with features found in machines costing thousands.  The dimmer allows the user to adjust pressure and allows pre-infusion. This improves extraction and matches many of the high end machines. 


Crem one with PID.  A superior and incredibly well-built entry level to the Crem series. The single boiler model  makes it great for home use and the PID allows excellent temperature control. It also has intuitive pressure control.

Crem One 2B PID Dual – Espresso Coffee Machine.  A stunning machine with a greater level of control and features two boilers for brew and steam control. The ONE features state-of-the-art technology for a fully professional-grade espresso machine. It proudly inherits CREM recognized engineering knowledge and expertise within the commercial espresso sector.

ONE 2B R-GSP Dual. The ONE 2B R-GSP Dual it is equipped with two boilers (1.7L+1.5L) and a rotatory pump. It features the CREMTech Gradual Soft Pre Infusion solution, that allows flexible but accurate pre-infusion times to improve the extraction rates. From 0-20 seconds, the pre infusion parameters are easily adjustable from the OLED display. This will take your coffee experience to another level.     

CREM ONE 2B R-LFPP Dual-The flagship of our coffee machines.


Top of its class and created to satisfy the most experienced baristas and coffee experts, the ONE 2B R-LFPP Dual it is equipped with two boilers (1.7L+1.5L) and a rotatory pump. It features the new -and patent applied- CREMTech Low FLow Pressure Profiling technology, that allows  the user to set different pressure profiles based on volume when extracting the coffee.

The reviews of this are stunning and it is certainly the best in class amongst every machine out there. The features of the CREM LFPP are found in machines costing much more and the build quality is exceptional. The end-game for every coffee aficionado.