Guide to Making the Perfect Coffee / Espresso by

1. Tare the scales
2. Weigh the dose after the grinder (I prefer 18g)
3. Optional-Use a WDT or leveller. Puck prep is important to avoid channelling
4. Tamp firmly
5. Tare the scales with cup ready for pour
6. Pour coffee-IMPORTANT-   as a starting point try to aim for a ratio of 1:2 (18g coffee in and 36g liquid out) in 25-30 seconds. Alter slightly to your own taste, but this ratio and time will get you close to perfection.

If the coffee runs too quickly to reach 36g, grind finer. Too slow-grind coarser.  This is called dialling in the grinder.

How coffee extraction should look vs. wrong extraction

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What is a coffee making WDT?