Gaggia Classic Full Service, Modifications & Repairs

We are an authorised Gaggia repair centre and our prices are aligned with Gaggia UK.

Problem with your Gaggia Classic or just want to give it a refresh or add modifications? We service and modify Classics and Baby Classics (See details how to order below).

Service, Repair & Modification

Gaggia UK Authorised Service Centre-We provide a full service for the Classic and can fit modifications (PID, Dimmer, gauge and 9 Bar pressure) to your existing coffee machine (Pre2015 models and New Classic Pro model).

We can also fit the brand New EVO coated boiler to your old classic during the service for £45.  Suitable for all pre2015 classics and the 2019-2022 Classic Pro.

Full service includes: (From £100)

Please box as well as you can and only send the basic shell. NO leads, tanks, lids or portafilter etc are required

  • Full strip down.
  • Manual clean of the boiler, and then soak in solution to remove all scale.
  • New seals
  • Solenoid, OPV and Steam faucet stripped, soaked and cleaned.
  • Grouphead, dispersion plate and shower screen stripped and cleaned
  • New grouphead gasket
  • We can arrange collection and delivery for additional costs

Optional Extras:

  • Upgraded Rancilio Steam wand can be installed for £30 extra (Pre 2017 models only)
  • Upgraded Pro wand fitted to pre 2015 machines £90
  • New Classic Evo Coated boiler can be installed for £45 extra
  • 9 bar adjustment/spring-Pre 2015 Classic £10 extra, Classic Pro £15 extra
  • Upgraded Stainless steel dispersion plate £40


  • Option 1-Collection, service and return postage. -£134  (let me know your address and a convenient collection day, box up the classic and I will email you a label for attaching to the box.)
  • Option 2-Service & return postage -£117  (you arrange to post this to my workshop)
  • Option 3-Service only-£100 Drop off & collect directly from my workshop in Nottingham 

Should your classic require further replacement parts, I will contact you once I have examined the Classic to discuss any additional costs.

To order a service: (Payment is collected at the end of the service)

1. Please email with your name, full address and mobile,  and state which service you would like 1, 2 or 3 

(If service 1 provide the date you would like it collected-We can usually collect next day if required)

2. Parcel your classic up as well as you possibly can (we only need the shell-no leads, lids or portafiletr etc are required) -the more bubble wrap the better. Our postage is insured for loss, but you are responsible for packaging your machine up as well as you can

3. Once the service has been completed I will email you the payment details and once payment is made, return your machine to you.


We also offer the following services:

-pressure changing to 9 bar (commercial standard for superior extraction-advised if using your own grinder). £15 for pro or post 2015 Classic and £10 for pre2015 Classic


 Should you want a quote for repairs. There is a £25 assessment charge, that is absorbed into the cost should you wish the repair work to go ahead.  Just send the machine to to us or enquire about our collection and delivery service.


-Installation of PID, Dimmer & Gauge £350 

Why add a dimmer & gauge?

Why add a PID?


Modifications-All parts supplied, fitted and programmed (12 month guarantee).  Although we provide a full warranty for the machines we sell with modifications, if modding your existing classic, we provide a full 12 month warranty for the parts we fit, not your original parts.

For full set of modifications £350

  • PID & Topbox
  • Dimmer
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressure adjustment

We can reduce the service price to £50 if having the full modifications along with the service.

Don't want the whole modifications added? Contact us for prices.