Many people visit a coffee shop and want barista quality coffee at home or the office. Like many others, I bought a coffee machine and expected great coffee, but became very disappointed with the result. The search for great coffee inspired me to research all types of coffee making equipment and the skills and technique involved. I learned that the coffee machine, the grinder, coffee bean and puck preparation all play a huge role in making a great cup of coffee. Throughout this process, I discovered there was no place local to help offer guidance or support. It took time to research the perfect machines and develop the correct coffee making skills.”  “My aim now is to help others by simplifying the buying and coffee making process so that we can all enjoy barista quality coffee at home without the learning curve I endured.”

Having carefully selected what we consider to be the best equipment for home and office use, we have these available for people to try. We also are able to add 'certified' modifications to the Gaggia Classic coffee machines to enhance the performance.  Take a look at our coffee machines.

"Buying the right coffee machine simplified, getting the best from it de-mystified."

"Barista quality coffee at home, without the learning curve."

The Home Baristas-Teaching & Training for the perfect coffee

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Too often people buy coffee machines and expect great coffee, but then are often disappointed. We provide training and advice with any coffee machine we sell. The coffee machine, the grinder, coffee bean and puck preparation all play a huge role in making a great cup of coffee. We will warn you of the pitfalls, and guide you through the coffee making process, to have you making great coffee from the word go. 

Who are we?

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We are passionate about good tasting coffee. We have simplified the coffee buying process and have carefully selected the 'best in class' coffee machine at each level, and have chosen the best coffee grinders suitable for the home or office.  We offer advice and guidance in what machine will be right for you and will show you how to get the best from the machines we sell. 

We encourage you to visit us and spend time learning which machine is best for you, but also offer home visits and can bring a small selection of machines to you.  
Can't visit? We can arrange zoom calls or are available on the phone to help you find the best coffee machine or grinder for you.

We are based in Beeston, Nottingham.  We are only 3 miles from Junction 25 of the M1 and very close to Derby too.

The whole coffee business can be confusing. We have done the legwork for you and selected only what we consider to be the very best machine in its class. All our machines have been chosen with the home barista in mind or a small/medium size office. Big commercial machines are not our thing-but we can point you in the right direction and have contacts that deal in this market.

Our company aims to provide:

  • Advice on all coffee related products from buying machines, grinders and puck preparation equipment. 
  • Real hands-on guidance in how to get the best espresso from each machine.
  • We provide only a small selection of well-researched and carefully selected espresso machines for the consumer with what we believe to be the top performing (best in class) machine at each level.
  • Advice and guidance on coffee machines, grinders, including how to get the best espresso from each machine.
  • We are coffee enthusiasts ourselves and want to make your journey into espresso making as good as possible.
  • We are located in Nottingham and welcome visits.

Thehomebaristas.co.uk is the trading name of Home Barista Ltd.