We mainly sell manual coffee machines, but we also have carefully selected automatic coffee machines available.

Manual machines produce superior espresso, but need some basic skills to get the best from them. Our automatic machines are much simpler to use and at the click of a button produce good coffee.  

Manual Machines

Automatic Machines

Coffee Machines For Sale-Our carefully selected coffee machines are perfect for the home and office. We have chosen the best espresso machines to match each budget and with freshly ground coffee beans can produce coffee superior to your local coffee shop. Our Gaggia or Crem coffee machines are of prosumer quality and with the right technique will produce the perfect cup of coffee. Forget the bean to cup coffee machines, if you want quality coffee our espresso machines are the best you can buy.  Even our level 1 coffee machine, the Gaggia Classic pro (with 9 bar), will beat the local coffee shop when used correctly. (We can also help train you).

For those that already have a Gaggia Classic, we do offer services and a PID, Dimmer and Pressure Gauge fitting service. Please get in touch for prices.

Full Warranty-Did you know installing any modification yourself will void all warranty. My agreement with Gaggia provides a full 2 year warranty on the Classic (return to me), plus a 1 year warranty of the modifications (PID, Dimmer, Spring & Gauge).  As with all warranties, warranty does not include damage caused by scale, so please ensure regular maintenance.

Take a look at our coffee grinders that are perfect for the home or office.

Coffee Grinders