The Solo Compact NEW UPGRADED (Generation 2)- SPTK 38 Single Dose Espresso Grinder (Black).

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  • Description

    New upgraded motor. A grinder brilliant for espresso.

    We love our single dose grinders and after testing this model, we had to include it to our range of single dose grinders. 

    The Solo Compact known also as the SPTK 38, now generation 2 with improvements to the motor making it more powerful reducing the possibility of stalling associated with conical burr grinders using DC motors.

    The Solo Compact brings a new advantage to the single dosing market with its minimal design and 'compact' size. With large adjustment dial and the ability to grind consistently for pour over to espresso, the solo compact is precise, and ideal for home baristas at any skill level.

    Titanium plated 38mm 7 core burrs

    • *Latest version*
    • 1 x 100-240v Adapter (UK plug)
    • 1 x Wooden Cushion
    • 1 x Bellow
    • 1 x Wooden cleaning brush
    • 1 x Cleaning ball
    • 1 x Non-slip mat
    • 1 x Disassembling tool

      1 x 58mm magnetic portafilter funnel

    Dave Corbey review of The Solo - DC 38

    "Grind quality-Espresso looked and tasted excellent. It has the same typical qualities of any conical grinder.  When using the grinder it produces an espresso shot at around the 24 mark for the beans I was using, this is great because it means there is plenty of scope to go much finer. It's not a Turkish grinder, but it can certainly grind that fine. The good thing is the burrs don't load up and stall as you go finer, they just grind at a slower rate. This is similar to the way Mazzer Kony burrs behave. I'll admit to being a little surprised how well it did and the grind wasn't clumpy at all!"

    “ performance was excellent and took about 24s to grind 20g of coffee.. Retention is again absolutely  minimal”.

    G.K. - 5 stars

    Very happy with my SPTK grinder

    Very happy with my SPTK grinder, which I keep in my office. Impressed by the compact footprint, quality feel and overall in-cup result.  I have a Weber Key at home and various hand grinders (Kinu M-47, Comandante, OE Lido, Rosco. etc). So far, the SPTK holds its own against these proven classics.

    Tony Perkins-5 stars 
    A great low retention, low rpm grinder.

    This is a magnificent grinder for improving your daily grind in the home. The included bellows make sure that you blow the last of the grinds out, and the slow grind speed provides a consistent grind. After hunting around this was the perfect upgrade for my home coffee system.

     B O - 5 stars


    Love it

    Matan Sela-5 Stars

    SPTK-38G Single Dose All Round Motor Grinder (Bellows & Maching Plug Included)


    Weight2kg / 4.5lb
    Construction Material Anodised Aluminum

    Titanium plated 38mm 7 core burrs

    Motor DC motor
    Voltage 24V/5A
    Bean Loading Capacity40g