Solo DF64 Gen 2 BLACK (optional burrs available)

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    Our favourite grinder, now has new upgrades. The Solo DF64 Gen Grinder. Competition (and far better in our opinion) to the Niche and Eureka Single Dose Grinder, the DF64 or branded The Solo, brings a new advantage to the single dosing market with its minimal design and upgradable burr options. With 90 marked step-less adjustments and the ability to grind consistently for pour over to espresso, the DF64 is fast, precise, and ideal for home baristas at any skill level.

    The new Generation 2 models have enhanced component and structural up-grades New Plasma Generator: reducing Static Build-Up in the grinding process.  The issue of static electricity is effectively mitigated, ensuring a smoother and more consistent grinding process. Improved anti-popcorn.  Also includes dosing collar for dosing into the cup or directly into the portafilter.

    DLC Burrs upgrade 

    Crafted with precision and innovation, these DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coated burrs guarantee exceptional performance and longevity. The DLC coating not only ensures superior durability but also provides a non-stick surface that prevents coffee grounds from sticking and clogging the burrs. 

    With DLC Coffee Burrs, you'll experience an unparalleled level of consistency and uniformity in your coffee grind size. Achieve the perfect grind for any brewing method, from espresso to French press, with absolute precision. The result? A cup of coffee that is bursting with flavor and aroma, every single time.

    SSP High-Uniformity Espresso Grinding Burrs target for espresso and occasional pour over 

    This burr is known for producing the most “classic espresso” flavor of all the 64mm SSPs while offering more clarity than most other classic espresso burrs. 

    SSP HU (High-Uniformity) Espresso Grinding 64mm Flat Burrs' custom geometrical cutting patterns are engineered for optimal grinding performance for espresso. They are designed for espresso with a high degree of uniformity, allowing for the extraction of the most intense and flavorful coffee. The High-Uniformity 64mm burrs improve the quality of espresso extractions and drastically decrease grinding time. The 64mm High-Uniformity Red Speed burr set is ideal for those who primarily brew espresso, but they will also produce an decent grind quality for pour over. 

    SSP 64mm High-Uniformity Red Speed burr set were made to last a lifetime. Comprised of tool steel material coated with Red Speed Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride (TiAICN), you can expect these burrs to last through over 10,000 pounds of coffee before needing a new pair.

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