Coffee Machine Maintenance-Descaling and Backflushing

Although all coffee machines come with warranty, the warranty never covers issues caused by scale.  Therefore it is vital that regular maintenance is followed. Regular maintenance of your coffee machine will ensure your coffee machine runs for many years (I own a 1999 Gaggia Classic with all original parts that still runs perfectly). 

The coffee machines we sell must be descaled and backflushed regularly to maintain the warranty we offer.

Descale-This is so dependant on the area that you live. If in a hard water area, we advise that you descale at least every month.  Please follow the recommended descaling solution for your machine.  If in a soft water area, descaling does not have to be as often, but we recommend, every 3-6 months.  If you are not sure of the water hardness in your area, the scale found in a kettle is often a great source of information.

If in  a hard water area, you may want to find alternative sources of quality water, such as distilling and adding minerals.  Please contact us for advice.

Backflush-This is also dependent on use. With light home use, we recommend backlashing with just water, once a week and  using a backflushing solution (such as Cafiza) once a fortnight.  

Follow this guidance above and your machine will run for many years.

We have a short guide to descaling the Gaggia Classic below, but other machines will be very similar.

Descaling & Backflushing