HB Pro 48 Hand Grinder

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  • Description

    Stunning 48mm stainless steel conical burrs. A brilliant hand grinder capable of grinding for espresso at a fraction of the price of similar quality hand grinders.  (Such is the quality, we've found it can also grind fine enough for Turkish).

    Video Guide to dialling in the HB Pro Hand Grinder for Espresso

    Stylish hand grinder by HB Pro offering 48mm stainless steel burrs which can grind from pour over levels to espresso (& beyond).  Has a dial indicator to mark the grind level for further reference. Supplied in an attractive gift box.

    Material:Aluminum alloy
    Burr Material: Stainless steel
    Burr Size 48mm : 60 grinding sizes, suitable for all types of grind levels, pour over to espresso.
    Product Size:167x57mm
    Product Weight:640g
    Supplied in gift box with small brush
    Approx. number of revolutions for 15 grams for filter coffee 28 (time 15 seconds)
    Approx number of revolutions for 15 grams for espresso coffee 40 (21 seconds)