Gaggia Classic Pro EVO -Includes PID, 9 Bar Spring, Pressure Gauge, & Enclosure (All colours available)

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    For those that already have a Gaggia Classic, we do offer services and a PID, Dimmer and Pressure Gauge fitting service. Please get in touch for prices.

    NEW 2023 EVO model now available in all colours. The award winning Gaggia Classic has now been further upgraded with the following improvements.

    Upgraded Materials, including:

    • New premium stainless-steel filter-holder-enhances flavour by maintaining heat as water passes through the grouphead.
    • Upgraded brass group 
    • Non-stick and anticorrosion coating for the boiler ensure an enhanced in-cup result and a more sustainable and durable product, with a longer lifecycle.

      Improved three-way solenoid valve relieves the pressure in the filter holder immediately after pulling a shot. Water empties from the filter holder via the open valve, and into the drip tray. This leaves the coffee puck dry, making it easy to clean.

    Full Warranty-Did you know installing any modification yourself will void all warranty. My agreement with Gaggia provides a full 2 year warranty on the Classic (return to me), plus a 1 year warranty of the modifications (PID, Dimmer, Spring & Gauge).  As with all warranties, warranty does not include damage caused by scale, so please ensure regular maintenance.

    The Gaggia Classic Pro EVO Coffee Machine is the best value home espresso machine, but we can make it even better with added mods.

    Why add a PID?

    Why add a dimmer?

    Why change pressure to 9 bar?

    The Coffee Machine can be upgraded even further for an enhanced espresso making experience that puts the coffee maker at the heart of the machine.

    The Gaggia Classic pro is  simply the best value quality coffee machine on the market.

    Please specify GC Pro colour you’d like when ordering. Machines are customised to order and will be dispatched or available for collection within a week of order. 

    (I can also purchase and install the eco switch override if interested for £30-contact me direct after placing the order). This allows the machine to stay on and be used with a smart plug/timing switch should you wish to have your machine warm before you get out of bed!). The current eco switch will automatically switch off after 20-25 minutes.

    Authorised seller and UK's only authorised mod technician for the  Gaggia Classic      

    Customised Gaggia Classic Pro-Includes PID, 9 Bar Spring, Pressure Gauge, & Enclosure (Does not include wooden parts)

    • Includes PID to control water and steam temperature
    • Pressure gauge to monitor pressure 
    • Greater temperature stability (Greater stability improves the taste of the coffee extraction). 
    • Ability to easily increase and decrease temperature for light, medium and dark roasts
    • PID controlled steaming, for improved steaming performance
    • All setting programmed

    9 Bar spring for prosumer extraction

    Mounted in new enclosure

    Dimensions with enclosure:

    (Cm) L23 x H41 x D24

    Includes all parts, installation and 12 month warranty.

    Please note-This order does not include the wooden parts. 

    Once the order is placed, your order will be customised and the pid, spring and enclosure will then be added to your order. We will email you once this is complete, but usually completed within a week.  

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