Gaggia Classic Pro EVO customised with PID, 9 Bar Spring and enclosure (All colours available)

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  • Description

    Customised Gaggia Classic Pro Evo -Includes PID & Enclosure only (Does not include pressure gauge shown in the picture)

    Please note, the pressure gauge is not included in this version. The topbox will be complete with PID and the rest of the topbox front will be the black casing. (A hole for a gauge can be cut out at any point in the future in the topbox).

    Built to order-usually shipped with 3-4 days of ordering.

    Please specify colour of GC Pro Evo machine you’d like.

    All models will be the new 2023 Gaggia Classic pro EVO unless stated 

    Full Warranty-Did you know installing any modification yourself will void all warranty. My agreement with Gaggia provides a full 2 year warranty on the Classic (return to me), plus a 1 year warranty of the modifications (PID, Dimmer, Spring & Gauge).  As with all warranties, warranty does not include damage caused by scale, so please ensure regular maintenance.

    Click here to watch the video to see the PID in action

    Authorised seller and UK's only authorised mod technician for the Gaggia Classic 

    Why add a PID?

    Why add a dimmer?

    Why change pressure to 9 bar?

    • Includes PID to control water and steam temperature
    • Greater temperature stability (Greater stability improves the taste of the coffee extraction). 
    • Ability to easily increase and decrease temperature for light, medium and dark roasts
    • PID controlled steaming, for improved steaming performance
    • All setting programmed

    9 Bar spring for prosumer extraction

    Mounted in new enclosure

    Dimensions with enclosure:

    (Cm) L23 x H41 x D24

    Includes all parts, installation and 12 month warranty.

    Please note-This order does not include the pressure gauge, dimmer or wooden parts. This option will be available shortly.

    Once the order is placed, your order will be customised and the pid, spring and enclosure will then be added to your order. We will email you once this is complete, but usually completed within a week.