Espresso Martini /Espresso Freddo

Our two favourite drinks when the mood feels right.

Espresso Martini-for those social occasions 

Espresso Freddo- the Greek iced coffee, ideal for those warm days and evenings.

Espresso Martini 

A great excuse to get the coffee machine out in the evening.

A small amount of brown castor sugar dissolved in boiling water (allow to cool a little)

(or you can just drop a 1/2 teaspoon into the coffee to dissolve)

For the cocktail


100ml vodka

50ml freshly brewed espresso coffee

50ml coffee liqueur (I use Kahlua or sometimes I use a tequila based coffee liqueur)

4 coffee beans (optional to place on the top at the end)

1. Make the espresso

2. Mix all the ingredients above into a cocktail shaker  or equivalent and shake for 30 seconds (sometimes i use a ninja blender!)

Pour into cocktail glasses- place the beans on top.

Drink and enjoy!

Espresso Freddo

1. Make your usual double espresso

2. Pour into a cocktail shaker

3. Add ice and cold water

4. Shake vigorously for 1 minute

5. Pour into glass and drink through a straw.

The more ice the better

Add syrup or sugar to taste.

If you prefer cappuccino type drinks, feel free to add some textured milk.