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  • Description

    The flagship of our coffee machines. 

    Top of its class and created to satisfy the most experienced baristas and coffee experts, the ONE 2B R-LFPP Dual it is equipped with two boilers (1.7L+1.5L) and a rotatory pump. It features the new -and patent applied- CREMTech Low FLow Pressure Profiling technology, that allows  the user to set different pressure profiles based on volume when extracting the coffee.

    The flagship of Crem's "One" line of machines features amazing new capabilities which serve up possibilities well beyond those of competing dual boiler machines. This machine can operate like a normal E61 group if desired but can do extractions using continuously variable brew pressure from saved profiles or manually. Learn about the capabilities and see what the machine can do, get the origin story, learn how profiling can craft espresso flavor and how you can get 3 profiles created for specific coffee types.

    Watch the video to see how highly rated this machine is.


    • 2 boilers PID (1.7 l.+1.5 l.)
    • Rotatory pump
    • Gradual Soft Pre Infusion (GSP)
    • Low Flow Pressure Profiling (LFPP)
    • Soft pre infusion group chamber (E-61 group head)
    • 60 mm double Manometer
    • Push & Rotate pressure knob
    • Cool touch wands
    • ½ turn knobs
    • Smart drip tray
    • Auto Water tank & mains connection
    • OLED Display with 4 buttons
    • Barista kit Pro
    • External USB port
    • Customizable panels
    • New packaging solution
    • Wooden kit available (Option)