Coffee Perfection

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  • Description

    "Barista quality coffee at home, without the learning curve."

    A coffee company with your coffee experience at the heart of what we offer


    Coffee machine, coffee grinder, coffee, water pressure, water temperature, pre-infusion and puck preparation all play a huge role in making great coffee. 

    We provide free basic training (in person, video guides or illustrated instructions) with all of our machines and make the coffee making process simple.  We will have you making great coffee straight away and put you at the heart of the whole process. 


    Too often people buy coffee machines and expect great coffee, but are often disappointed. We provide unique training and will offer advice with any coffee machine we sell. We will warn you of the pitfalls and guide you through the coffee making process, so you are making great coffee straight away. The coffee machine, the grinder, coffee bean and puck preparation all play a huge role and we put you at the heart of the process and will teach you how to make the coffee that you love.  


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